2022 Florence Price Celebration

February 5 & 6, 2022
University of the Incarnate Word & 
Texas Lutheran University

Florence Price (1887–1953) was a highly talented and prolific Black American composer. The most astounding fact cited about her is that she was the first Black woman to have her music performed by a major symphony orchestra. Price wrote over 300 works, some of which are finally becoming better known; however, she is still widely underperformed within the musical canon. The goal of the Florence Price Celebration is to introduce up & coming musicians to the life and music of this wonderful composer and inspire their creative endeavors. The celebration takes place on the weekend of February 5 & 6 on the campuses of the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, Texas and Texas Lutheran University, in Seguin, Texas.

Events include: 

Thank you all for attending our Inaugural Celebration of Florence Price!

Florence Price Celebration 2022 Keynote with Dr. John Michael Cooper:
"Hear Her Voice: On the Challenges of 'Rediscovering' Florence Price"
Andrea Vocab Sanderson's "Ode to Florence Price" written for the 2022 Florence Price Celebration
Florence Price Celebration 2022:
Texas Lutheran University Concert

2022 Florence Price Celebration Sponsored by:

TLU School of Music

TLU Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

UIW Department of Music

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Andrea Vocab Sanderson's Live Performance  for the 2022 Florence Price Celebration
2022 Florence Price Celebration: University of the Incarnate Word Concert